Dogs and Babies

Dogs and Babies You and all of your family members are super excited about your pregnancy – or are they?? Have you forgotten about someone?? How do you think your dog is going to react to your new bundle of joy? This can be a stressful time for your dog particularly if they have been… Read more »

Toilet Training

Toilet training your new puppy: I guess this is the one I get most of my calls about – toilet training can be frustrating particularly when you’ve just taken them outside and stood with them for 20 minutes and they do NOTHING. You bring them in and 3 seconds later……. you’re cleaning up a nice… Read more »

Dealing with your Old Canine Friend

Ok, the next blog I was going to post was about “toilet training” your new puppy but as circumstances have it, I really feel the need to jump right from “puppies” to the elderly. As most of you know, I lost my “heart dog” a couple of months ago (at the age of 13) and… Read more »

Developmental Stages in Puppies continued

Welcome to our second blog dedicated to the Critical Periods in your Dogs Development. This week we will look a little deeper into the first 3 of these phases in your dog’s development and how these can impact them in their young life and as they grow. Canine Socialization Period: 21-49 Days A dog learns… Read more »

Early Development

In this first set of blog posts for the year, we will take a look at the critical periods in a dog’s development, based on the Breeder Caretaker Community Pages, the detail of which can be found here: This divides a dog’s development into a number of stages, where different considerations must be taken… Read more »

Welcome to our first blog post of 2015!

Welcome to our first blog post of 2015! Hopefully this will be one of many posts this year to help all dog owners understand, work and live with their dogs in a constructive and positive manner. We plan to look at a number of subjects over the year, looking at each one in some depth…. Read more »

Dog Training is Crucial to Your Dog’s Longevity

Dog training is very beneficial to dogs, as well as their owners. Training your dog will help you make the most out of your relationship, improving both your lives. Training them improves important skills while ridding them of stress that could adversely impact their health and quality of life. Dogs that aren’t trained are more… Read more »

Picking the Right Dog Trainer

In a previous post, I discussed 6 reasons for seeking a Professional Dog trainer. In this post I wanted to share with you some valuable information about selecting the RIGHT DOG TRAINER FOR YOU! So you’ve done your homework and you’ve found your perfect family pet- now there ARE some dogs that seem to have… Read more »

Understanding and Treating Noise Phobia in Dogs

Spring has finally sprung, and with spring comes thunderstorms, followed shortly after with summer and Independence Day fireworks. What do these events have in common? Well, your dog may be afraid of both of them. Dogs have sudden and profound reactions to noise, such as a firework or a loud clap of thunder. They may… Read more »

6 Reasons to Seek a Professional Dog Trainer

There are many reasons why people seek professional help when training their dog. Most of the time it is because they are experiencing some sort of behavior issue.  Please don’t wait until then, the best time to start training is as soon as you get your new dog home. Teaching them what is and what… Read more »