Tarrant County, TX Dog Boarding Services: Where Your Pet’s Comfort is Our Priority

At Canine Advanced Training Services, we understand that leaving your furry friend behind, whether for work or play, can be a challenging decision. That’s why we offer exceptional dog boarding services in Tarrant County, TX, where your pet’s comfort is our top priority.

Dog Boarding with Training Services:

When your dog stays with us in Euless, Texas, they become a part of our extended family. Our dog boarding with training services goes beyond conventional care, ensuring your dog receives personalized attention, love, and comfort throughout their stay.


Each dog is provided with a secure and comfortable kennel equipped with bedding and blankets for a cozy retreat during bedtime, naps, and rest time. For those in need of a quieter setting, we offer private dog boarding suites, making accommodations suitable for individual dogs or multiple dogs from the same family.

Playtime and Outdoor Exercise:

We believe in the importance of play, and our boarding dogs have ample time and space to interact with fellow guests. Our large enclosed outdoor exercise yard provides an opportunity for dogs to soak up the sun, run, and play. Dogs are thoughtfully grouped by size and temperament to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Supervision and Rest Times:

Your dog’s safety is our priority, and our well-trained staff supervises them at all times. We schedule intermittent rest times to prevent fatigue, stress, or overstimulation, ensuring a balanced and comfortable environment for your furry friend.

Stay & Train

For those seeking an extra layer of stimulation and skill development for their dogs, our Stay & Train option is available. Enroll your dog in training classes during their boarding stay, choosing from various no-force training options, including private training, group training, behavior training, and loose-leash training. Our experienced dog trainers ensure that your dog receives the training they need in a positive and supportive environment.

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When you need a safe, trustworthy, and reputable place for your dog to stay, Canine Advanced Training Services is here for you. We transform their stay into a vacation, providing the care and attention they deserve. Contact us today to book dog boarding with training in Euless and give your pet an exceptional experience.
Because your peace of mind matters, choose Canine Advanced Training Services—where your pet’s comfort is our priority.