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Behavior, Boarding & Training

All things Puppy

Training Class


Create a Thinking Pup!

Housetraining tips, basic manners & more.


Training Class

Manners 101 Bad to Good in 7 weeks.


Training Class

Gone past Basics? Working with distractions - "Squirrel!"


Training Class

Into the Future" Off leash reliability & more.

All behavior cases are treated case-by-case.



Force Free Dog Training Classes in Ft. Worth TX ALL OF OUR TRAINING METHODS ARE BASED ON BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE AND ARE 100% FORCE FREE. Allow the experts at Canine Advanced Training Services to train your dog to be a well-behaved, loyal companion. We base all training on behavioral science, so our training is 100% force free. We aim to build the relationship between owner and dog on mutual love, trust and respect. Since 2003, Canine Advanced Training Services has been offering dog training and obedience classes at parks in Hurst, Texas. If you are having behavioral issues with your dog, you have come to the right place. We are behavioral specialists and can help with all your problems. Read more here...

Customer Testimonials

Wendy is an excellent trainer and helped my daughter and myself train our new puppy Missy who is a feisty mischievous puppy. She enabled us to communicate with our pup on the puppy’s level and we now have the information we need to continue to train her to be a member of our family. I truly appreciate all that Wendy has done and would most definitely recommend her services to anyone that needs puppy or dog training.

Thanks Wendy

Kathy Blanchard

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