Building a Strong Leash-Walking Foundation in Hurst, TX

Is your dog a star in obedience but struggles with keeping it cool on the leash? Leash-pulling can turn walks into frustrating experiences, both for you and your furry friend. Enter our 4-week Loose Leash Dog Walking course, designed to transform your walks into pleasurable, stress-free outings.

Course Overview:

Duration: A 4-week comprehensive course dedicated to refining your dog’s leash walking skills. During the course, we will address issues like pulling, sudden jerking or stopping, and leash-related anxiety, making your pup the perfect walking companion.

Key Focus:

Environmental Challenges: Explore and address the environmental factors contributing to leash-pulling, ensuring a more enjoyable walking experience for both you and your furry companion.

Course Benefits:

Pleasurable Walks: No matter if you want to go on runs, walk around the neighborhood, or bring your dog with you on outings, with Advanced Canine Training you can gain the skills needed to transform your walks into pleasurable experiences. We can make outings pleasurable for you and your dog.

Course Cost:

woman running with dog on leash walking

The cost for this 4-week Loose Leash Walking course is $130 for the full program.

Say Goodbye to Frustration:
Don’t let leash-pulling limit your walks! Join our Loose Leash Walking course and equip yourself with the skills to turn frustrating walks into enjoyable adventures.