6 Reasons to Seek a Professional Dog Trainer

15377338_SThere are many reasons why people seek professional help when training their dog. Most of the time it is because they are experiencing some sort of behavior issue.  Please don’t wait until then, the best time to start training is as soon as you get your new dog home. Teaching them what is and what isn’t acceptable right from the word go will avoid any confusion on their part & make your life a lot easier.

Once you have made the rules stick to them – a dog is never too young or too old to learn your house rules and since they don’t understand English or any other language except “Dog,” it’s YOU that may need help from a professional trainer, so that you can learn how to effectively communicate with your dog. I know we all have busy lives and schedules, and that’s why I offer a range of options for you as far as your dog’s educations is concerned. Don’t forget; the more time you spend time working with your new dog now and building that relationship, the stronger the loving, faithful bond you will have with your new best friend.

Having your dog professionally trained is rewarding for you, your dog, and anyone who interacts with your dog. Training is important and continues throughout the dogs’ life – just like children, they have to learn how to learn.  Owning a well-trained dog has many benefits – the most important is that they are more likely to become a bigger part of your family because you can trust them to not be an embarrassment to you, or a nuisance to anybody else when you take them out in public places.

I have also includes the following six reasons to have a professional help you with your training needs:

  • Training builds better behavior. Your dog will no longer be the one walking you on the leash, and you will not have to worry about him/her jumping on people when they come to your house. Your guests will feel comfortable around a well-trained dog, and so will you. Your dog will quickly become another member of your family rather than an annoyance.
  • Training keeps the dogs mind active. Throughout the lifetime of your dog, it is important to continue exercising their brain. Keeping your dog’s mind active by continuously training as the dog ages will help keep your dog’s mind sharp, much like humans.
  • You will have more fun with your dog. Professional training begins with basic obedience skills, but once your dog has mastered the basics, more fun tricks can be learned. Teach your dog how to high five and he/she is instantly the life of the party and all around favorite animal in the room.
  • You will learn to communicate better with your dog. Communication is the most important part of any relationship, human or animal. Having good communication with your dog will lead to a strong, loving, and respectful relationship. Training provides the necessities to be successful at communicating with your dog.
  • You will learn more about your dog. Professional dog trainers have the wisdom and experience to see potential problems owners can miss. Once your trainer knows the dog’s breed, temperament, personality, and history, they can provide you with the information you need to raise a healthy, happy dog and help prevent problems from surfacing.
  • Overall, you will feel more satisfied with a well-trained dog. I hope that you feel proud  of your dog regardless, but having a well-trained dog will make you feel even more proud and excited to spend time with him/her. You can enjoy your dog’s company just as much as he/she enjoys yours.

Whether you’re a new dog owner or a seasoned owner, professional training has huge benefits for everyone. Your best friend has so much potential to learn and a brain is a bad thing to waste!