Full or Half-Day Doggy Daycare in Euless, TX

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation, physical exercise, and personal attention to thrive. When you’re busy at the office or working from home all day though, it can be difficult to give your dog the care they need.

Instead of feeling guilty about having them sit around bored or worrying about them while you’re supposed to be focused on other tasks at hand, treat your dog to doggy daycare at Canine Advanced Services in Euless, TX. We offer full-day and half-day doggy daycare services to provide your dog with a fun and safe place to expel some energy and play with friends while your time is devoted elsewhere.

At our doggy daycare facility, we like to live by the saying that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. When your dog spends the day with us, they’ll receive the perfect balance of rest and play.

Dogs are grouped by size, temperament, and energy level and given timed and supervised play periods throughout the day. During playtime, your dog will socialize with other dogs, burn off energy, and get to enjoy our enclosed outdoor exercise yard, complete with artificial turf and mulch.

After playtime, they’ll retreat to a comfy kennel for some rest and relaxation. By the time you pick them up, they’ll be pooped and ready for cuddles on the coach!

Full or Half Day Doggy Daycare with Training in Euless

Canine Advanced Training Services also offers a stay-and-train option with our doggy daycare services in Euless. Daycare training is great for pups who need help getting the basics down or need extra stimulation with advanced training.

Whether you want to work on basic commands, behavior modification, loose-leash walking, or other specific skills, our highly experienced trainers will guide your dog through the right no-force training program. Don’t worry, they’ll still get plenty of time to play and rest throughout their daycare session!

Treat your dog to a good time and yourself to some downtime with the help of Canine Advanced Training Services’ doggy daycare in Euless, TX. Call us at 682-738-3429 to schedule half or full-day doggy daycare services today!


Stay n Play Half Day $25/day
Stay n Play Full Day $30/day
Stay n Train Half Day $40/day (includes one 15-minute training session)
Stay n Train Full day $45/day (includes two 15-minute training sessions, one AM & PM)