Dog Training is Crucial to Your Dog’s Longevity

22927767_SDog training is very beneficial to dogs, as well as their owners. Training your dog will help you make the most out of your relationship, improving both your lives. Training them improves important skills while ridding them of stress that could adversely impact their health and quality of life.

Dogs that aren’t trained are more likely to experience overexcitement, fear and anxiety, all of which bring on stress. This is because they do not know how to respond appropriately to these emotions. Stressed dogs often experience health problems and tend to act more destructive to both themselves and their surroundings.

Similar to the effect stress has on humans; dogs that are stressed will have weakened immune systems. This makes contracting an illness easier and more likely, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and extreme weight loss. While some sicknesses will pass, some may last for months.

Hyperactivity can culminate with jumping, running and digging up your backyard. These dogs only endure further stress on their bodies and joints. Over exertion can also result in pulled muscles or even broken bones because many of these dogs don’t know their physical limitations.

Red eyes and foam drooling are also a physical health issue that arises from stress. Red eyes come from a lack of sleep and foam drooling is the result of an immune system deficiency. Both of which make your dog uncomfortable and irritable. This irritation is what culminates in the destructive behavior to your yard and to your furniture.

Training adds structure and routine to you and your dog’s lives. When dogs are trained, they expect the monotony and know what to expect each day. Proper training and care will also make your dog healthier and able to enjoy a longer life of tail wagging, playing and relaxing with you and your family.