Building Foundations for a Lifelong Bond

Embark on a 7-week journey with Canine Advanced Training Services, where we believe in starting your puppy’s education at the optimal time. Our Puppy Kindergarten Course is a comprehensive puppy training class designed to lay the foundations for a well-behaved and harmonious relationship between you and your furry friend.

Puppy Training Course Overview:

Duration: 7 weeks, with one class per week.
First Week: This initial week is without your puppy, allowing us to address crucial topics such as toilet training, mouthing, jumping, chewing, and more. Without the distraction of playful puppies, we can focus on providing you with essential information to kickstart your puppy’s education. It truly is the best time to commence their learning journey.

What You’ll Learn:

Puppy Behavior Handling Skills:

Our experienced trainers will teach you the skills needed to effectively handle common puppy behaviors. From understanding their instincts to addressing specific issues, you’ll gain valuable insights into fostering a positive environment for your puppy.

Communication Techniques:

Learn how to communicate effectively with your puppy, facilitating their understanding of how to navigate the human world. Effective communication is key to building a strong bond and ensuring your puppy thrives in their new environment.

Basic Obedience Commands:

Get your puppy started on learning essential commands, including Focus, Sit, Down, Wait, Leave it, Come (when called), and loose leash walking. These commands are foundational for a well-behaved and responsive pet.

Fun Learning Games:

Engage your puppy’s mind and make learning enjoyable through a variety of fun and interactive games. This not only reinforces their training but also nurtures a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

Course Cost:

Three puppies laying down in puppy training class

The cost for this 7-week Puppy Kindergarten Course is $220, an investment in your puppy’s education and the foundation for a lifelong bond.

Join us at Canine Advanced Training Services as we guide you and your puppy through this crucial developmental stage. Contact us to enroll in our Puppy Kindergarten Course, and let the learning adventure begin!