When they stay with US, they are FAMILY!

Kennel Boarding

When your beloved pet stays with us in our kennel boarding service, they become an integral part of our extended family. We prioritize their security and comfort, utilizing airline crates that are carefully chosen to be the right size or larger. We provide cozy bedding and blankets, though you’re welcome to bring items from home to make their stay even more familiar. The pricing is tailored to the size of the kennel, ensuring that your pet has ample space to relax and unwind during their stay.

M Kennel (30- 50 lbs): 45/night
L Kennel (50 – 70 lbs): $50/night
XL Kennel (70 – 90 lbs): $55/night
XXL Kennel (90 -125 lbs): $60/night

Runs (Semi-private) Boarding

For a more spacious and semi-private experience, our runs boarding option is available at $70/night. Each 5 x 7 run is equipped with a Ruff Ranger cot bed, fluffy mats, and a private water dispenser. These runs offer a comfortable and private space for your pet to enjoy, accommodating up to four pets based on their size.

Suites (Private Boarding):

Indulge your furry friend in the lap of luxury with our private boarding suites at $150/night. Our two 10 x 7 suites are designed to provide a premium and private experience, complete with a Ruff Ranger cot bed, fluffy mats, and a private water dispenser. These suites are perfect for individual pets seeking an elevated level of comfort or possibly a whole family of pampered guests, depending on their size.

Daily Activities

Our commitment to your pet’s well-being goes beyond just accommodation. All boarding guests are treated to a daily peanut butter Kong, unless declined, followed by a mid-day nap after engaging playtime with their fellow guests. Our outdoor play area is a fully enclosed 60 x 58 space with artificial turf and mulch, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Guests are thoughtfully grouped by size, energy level, and age, with supervision provided by our experienced and well-trained staff.

Food and Medication

To ensure a seamless and comfortable stay, we encourage you to bring your pet’s own food to prevent any potential tummy upset. It’s recommended to provide enough for their scheduled stay, plus an extra day to accommodate any unexpected delays. Don’t forget to include any required medications; our attentive staff will administer them as needed, ensuring your pet’s health and well-being throughout their stay.

No Extra Charges

At Canine Advanced Training Services, we believe in providing exceptional care without additional fees. There’s no extra charge for daily playgroups or the abundance of love and attention our dedicated team showers upon your pets. Your pet’s happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities.