Advanced Dog Training Techniques in Hurst, TX

Private Training

Unlock the full potential of your bond with your furry companion through our private training programs in Hurst, TX. Designed to deliver effective and reliable results quickly, our top-notch trainers provide an immersive experience. In these private sessions, you’ll delve into canine communication, signals, training techniques, and commands that yield the results you desire. Choose from our expert trainers:

Wendy – Single training session $160/hr
Wendy – 3 session package $450
Wendy – 5 session package $750

Experience personalized attention and guidance, achieving a deeper understanding of your dog’s behavior and enhancing your communication with them. For more information, contact us today to embark on this transformative journey.

Group Classes

Join our group classes for a dynamic and enjoyable way to practice your dog’s manners amidst various distractions. From puppies to adult dogs, our force-free approach fosters effective communication and strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to elevate existing skills, our group classes cater to various levels. Explore the Group Classes page for more details on available classes.

Board & Train

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Board & Train program, where we work as a team to bring your furry friend back home with enhanced obedience and manners. The training typically spans 2-3 weeks, including 2-4 days of proofing, ensuring a thorough foundation. Our goal during their stay is to instill basic obedience commands such as sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, settle, recall (come), leave it, mat (place), and loose leash walking. Educational games are also incorporated for versatile application.

Upon program completion, enjoy three private in-home training sessions with you and your family to ensure seamless communication with your furry family member. The program also includes lifetime access to emails, texts, or phone advice for ongoing support. We are committed to your success and the lasting well-being of your dog.