Elevate Your Dog’s Skills and Enjoy the Fun!

Has your pup mastered the basics and is ready for the next level of training? Welcome to our BEYOND BASICS Intermediate Dog Training Classes in Fort Worth, TX! This course is designed for those who have already conquered the fundamentals and are eager to take their training to new heights.

Course Highlights:


A comprehensive 7-week course where you’ll build on the skills and knowledge you’ve already mastered with your dog. It’s time to perfect those sits, achieve incredible stays, and establish trust with your furry partner, even in the midst of distractions.

Skill Refinement:

This course includes a thorough revision of your basic skills, allowing you to reinforce and fine-tune your dog’s abilities. You’ll also delve into new training games, techniques, and a few tricks just for fun.

Building Reliability:

The focus is on building reliability in your dog’s responses, ensuring they work with you seamlessly, even in challenging situations. The goal is to enhance your dog’s responsiveness and obedience.

Course Cost:

white dog in an intermediate training class

The cost for this 7-week Intermediate Dog Training Class is $240. If you’ve already completed either Beginner or Puppy Classes with us, enjoy a 15% discount on this class. Please note: These classes are not suitable for dogs that have shown aggression or reactivity around other dogs without clearance from our trainers.

Come and Have Some FUN!

Join us for an enjoyable and enriching experience with your dog. The BEYOND BASICS Intermediate Class is not just about training; it’s an opportunity to have fun and strengthen the bond with your furry friend.