When they stay with US, they are FAMILY!

Kennel Boarding – airline crates are used to ensure a feeling of security.  We always try to provide them with a kennel that is the correct size or larger for their comfort.  We do provide bedding and blankets; however, you are more than welcome to bring their own.

Private Boarding – we have two 10 X 7 suites complete with a Ruff Ranger cot bed (sheets and pillows), fluffy mats and private water dispenser.  These can accommodate one or possibly a whole family of pampered guests (depending on size).

Daily Activities – all guests are provided with a peanut putter Kong (unless declined) each day with a mid-day nap after enjoying playtime with our other guests (size and temperament compatible).  Outside we have a fully enclosed 60 x 58 exercise yard (6’ vinyl fence) with artificial turf and mulch.  The guests are divided by size, energy level and age-appropriate groups and supervised by our well trained and experienced staff.

Food – we encourage you to bring their own food to prevent any tummy upset.  PLEASE provide enough for their scheduled stay PLUS one more day to account for any delays in pickup.

DON’T FORGET any required medication they might need during their stay.

NO extra charge for daily play group or all the extra love and attention that we provide.

COMING SOON!  Semi-private accommodations

XXL kennel 90 -125 lbs. $60/night
XL kennel 70 – 90 lbs. $55/night
L kennel 50 – 70 lbs $50/night
M kennel 30 – 50 lbs 45/night
Suite (up to 4 dogs depending on size) $150/night