Has your pup gone past the BASICS?lUCKY_11

Well, this BEYOND BASICS Intermediate Class is for you – you will be building on the skills and knowledge that you have already mastered with your dog – perfecting those sits, incredible stays, building trust with your partner where they are working with you even when there are all sorts of distractions going on – building towards reliability.

We use the park because we want to train in the “Real World” where there is always something going on – someone on a skateboard, jogging, running, another dog, squirrel!! etc….

This is a  7 week course that will include revision of your basic skills as well as learning new training games and techniques, we also add a few tricks in there – just for FUN.

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OPEN ENROLLMENT – AT 9.30 AM – Just be sure you have spoken to one of our trainers before attending this class.

Location:Rickel Park, the Rickel Park Drive end of the park in Hurst

COST:$175.00 – if you have already completed either Beginner classes or Puppy Classes with us – there is a 15% discount on this class, – Please be advised that there will be not classes – April 22 (because I believe in making sure we keep up with the latest, greatest technologies and will be attending an all day seminar) – and on June 10th since I will be in Australia for my Dad’s Birthday)

Come along and have some FUN!! 🙂