Ok, so you’ve done a Beginner Class and completed Intermediate – Well Done!!

Advanced Dog Training Classes Fort Worth TXSo why do you need to do an ADVANCED Class??

Well, there is absolutely no reason at all except it’s FUN to start doing more advanced exercises with your best friend – who knows?? You may even want to try doing Obedience Trials or Rally Obedience 🙂

Just because you’ve done the basics, it doesn’t mean that your training is OVER!

I often have past clients call to tell me that their now ADOLESCENT dog is misbehaving when once they were the perfect pup – why?? Because they have stopped putting the usual amount of time into challenging their dog’s brains!

These are adolescents that don’t have a job to do anymore!

Advanced Dog Obedience Classes Fort Worth TXTraining is a LIFE LONG thing – just as with US, you learn something NEW every day!

In this class we incorporate a little AKC Obedience along with some Rally Obedience working off the leash with distractions that are challenging.

Even if you DON’T want to compete, why not challenge yourself and your partner?


Cost: $240

 *Prerequisite –  must have completed an Intermediate class or equivalent.